Connie's Story: Three Decades of Calling The Cottage Home

It’s been 30 years since Connie Biviano placed her trust in Simonds to build her family home. Since then, countless memories and life milestones have unfolded within its four walls. Now, she’s passed her long-lasting trust in Simonds on to the next generation, as her son Kyle is set to embark on his first home journey with us.

Connie's Story

For Connie Biviano, family is everything.You can tell from the moment you step inside her home and see the framed family photos that line her sideboards and the much-loved dining table which has been at the centre of nightly family dinners over the past three decades.For Connie, it all started back in 1992 when she was just 24 years old and decided to build her future home in Melbourne’s outer suburbs. At the time, she didn’t know a thing about building or what it involved, but her family was always her biggest consideration.She began sifting through floor plans, searching for a cosy home with a heritage feel and spacious bedrooms. She stumbled across Simonds and ‘The Cottage’ home design, and now, 30 years and four children on, her beautiful home still stands to tell the story of her family.

A photograph of Connie and Kyle inside the house seated at the dining room.

Connie is one of the thousands of home owners who have trusted Simonds with their Great Australian Dream over the last 73 years. This trust stems from the proud Simonds legacy of being a hands-on, family-run business with a commitment to building quality homes that spans three generations.

Just as this legacy is passed down from one Simonds generation to the next, Connie is now passing her trust in Simonds on to her next generation, as her son Kyle takes the exciting first steps towards his first home with us.

To hear all of the memories behind ‘The Cottage’, we’ve called on our proud ambassador, Shelley Craft, to pay Connie and Kyle a special visit.

Q&A with Shelley and Connie