Your New Home Journey Simplified

Welcome to your personalised homebuilding journey with Simonds, exclusively tailored for our Elevate and Elite range customers. This journey is designed for those who desire a more hands-on experience and the flexibility to customise every aspect of their new home. From the initial stages of finding your dream home to the moment you step inside, we guide you through each detailed phase, ensuring a building experience that's as seamless as it is memorable. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, crafting a home that truly reflects your lifestyle and preferences.

1. Finding your dream home

By now, you might have spent weeks or months researching, visiting display centres, and sifting through floor plans in search of your dream home. For those yet to secure land, fear not—our New Home Specialists are at your service to help you discover an ideal plot or introduce you to our meticulously curated house and land packages. Specialising in the Elevate and Elite range, we dive deep into exploring our broad range of standard inclusions, orientation options, and preliminary quotes, all tailored to align with your land and financial blueprint. With a fully refundable* $500 Initial Fee, step confidently towards personalising your future home, knowing you’re supported by our decades of expertise and commitment to quality.

raked ceiling in the living room
Photo of a bathroom with light grey tiling throughout and a freestanding bath against the wall, as part of the Simonds Queensland home design

2. Making it yours

Personalisation breathes life into your chosen house design, transforming it into a reflection of your individual style and functional needs. Our Design Hub stands ready to fine-tune your floor plan, ensuring your home embodies the unique essence of your family's lifestyle. Although navigating our vast selection of designs, facades, inclusions, and structural options often reveals the perfect match, we welcome the opportunity to tailor your home further. Remember, while custom changes unlock endless possibilities, they also introduce cost and time considerations—invest wisely in modifications that genuinely make your house a home.

3. Fine tuning your file

With your dream home taking shape, the Preliminary Agreement and Sales Estimate crystallise your vision into actionable plans, marking the commitment to your beautiful Elevate or Elite home. For those with titled land, we advance towards initial site work, and now is the time to provide your evidence of title to land, finance approval and signed mortgage documents, setting the stage for a smooth transition to construction. Your New Home Specialist will then connect you with your dedicated Customer Relationship Coordinator, ensuring a seamless flow through each subsequent phase. As we edge closer to bringing your dream to life, ensuring all documentation, such as land title and finance approval, is in order propels us forward to the next step.

4. The finishing touches

As your journey progresses, we venture beyond blueprints into the realm of tangible choices that define the character of your home. This is a great time to visit nearby display centres to get a feel for what kind of interior design style you like. From honing your Sales Estimate to selecting the final touches in our Gallery, every step is an opportunity to infuse your personal style into your home. These crucial decisions lay the groundwork for your Building Contract, encapsulating every detail of your future abode. Next, you’ll either sit down with our team or sign-off electronically on every detail in your Simonds and Building Contracts. Lastly, once your approved finance, building permits and land title are finalised we can progress onto the next stage and go to site.

5. Construction begins!

The construction of your home is a journey marked by milestones, from laying the slab to the final touches of the Practical Completion Inspection (PCI). Your dedicated Site Supervisor ensures each phase meets our stringent quality standards, inviting you to see your home in-person at five key building milestones. Before we head to site, it’s important that you clear your block of land of any trees, plants, rubbish and debris (both above and below ground!) so that we can get to work on laying the foundations of your new home.

quality home builder at a construction site

6. The 5 key milestones of building


Start to feel the excitement in the air as your footings go down and your slab is poured.


At this step, things really start to take shape as your frame is installed.


Now, this one’s a big one. Your roofing, bricks, windows and external doors are all installed.


Here, you'll start to see the new home you envisioned come to life, with the installation of your Gallery selections across interiors, flooring, cabinetry and fixtures.

PCI and Settlement

Once the final inspections have been completed, we’ll progress through to Settlement, where the remaining funds are paid, the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, and you’re handed the keys.

An interior image of a modern contemporary hallway with wooden flooring as part of Simonds Victor 29 home design.

7. We're with you for the long run

An exterior image of a single storey home with a garage space and a front yard as a part of Akuna 29 facade.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends far beyond the completion of your build. With our Maintenance Team and Lifetime Structural Guarantee, we stand by the quality of your home for years to come. From maintenance tips to ongoing support, we ensure your Simonds home continues to meet your family’s needs and exceed your expectations every step of the way. A few months after you've moved in, we'll be checking in to see how you're settling in. From there, we're only a call or email away if you're in need of a helping hand.

 For more details on any stage of the journey, we’re here to help. Contact our Customer Success Team at or call 1300 SIMONDS.