Let's talk tiles.

Whether they're in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you can create the perfect focal point with a feature tile.

Mosaic and brick bond, and herringbone, oh my! Your quick and easy guide to tiling patterns…

When designing your bathroom, kitchen and laundry spaces, you want to make sure that your tile choices withstand the test of time.

It can be overwhelming enough to narrow down your dream tiles, let alone make decisions about which pattern to lay them in. But fear not, our Gallery Tile Consultants are here to help you!

If less is more is your mantra, or you like to go bold or go home, we’ve given you a quick low-down on tried and tested tiling patterns to get you started...

Stack bond tiling design

Stack Bond

A classic pattern that showcases simplicity at its best. Tiles are laid on top of each other to form a neat grid. A great all-rounder pattern that adds an effortless and contemporary look to any space.

Where do we love to use it?

Perfect for a kitchen splashback alongside harmonising timber accents, as seen in the Dalwood 25 display, Park Ridge, QLD.

Explore the Dalwood 25

Vertical stack bond tiling design

Vertical Stack Bond

A classic pattern with a bit of a twist. Tiles are laid in a vertical straight stack to create a contemporary and cool feel. Perfect for accentuating the height of a space and adding a touch of drama.

Where do we love to use it?

We’ll never say no to a vertical stack feature wall in the bathroom, as featured in the Ironbark 37 (previously the Stannis 38) display, Grovedale, VIC.

Explore the Ironbark 37 (previously the Stannis 38)

coastal brick bond tiling

Brick Bond

If the name didn’t give it away, tiles are laid in a brick-like pattern with each tile overlapping the one above and below by half. An easy way to create a staggered look that’s reminiscent of trendy New York subway stations.

Where do we love to use it?

You can’t go wrong with a timeless, crisp white or a coastal blue splashback, as seen in the Kakadu 22 display, Spring Mountain, QLD or in the Armidale 34 (Previously the Hann 35) display, Berwick, VIC.

Explore the Kakadu 22

Explore the Armidale 34 (previously the Hann 35)

Herringbone tiling inspiration


A creative way to accentuate a neutral tile, this pattern draws your eyes outward to give the illusion of a larger space. Long tiles are laid to meet at a 90 degree angle and form a V-shape in a broken zig-zag. A timeless pattern that works with both neutral tones and pops of colour to add interest to sleek modern interiors.

Where do we love to use it?

It adds a special focal point to any kitchen or laundry splashback. We adore the double herringbone featured in the Cypress 26 (previously the Thirlmere 28) display, Cranbourne West, VIC.

Explore the Cypress 26 (previously the Thirlmere 28)

coastal mosaic tiling design


A fun way to bring any room to life. Recurring small shapes are arranged to form a larger pattern. It’s the ultimate pick if you want to strike the right balance between a zen and energetic space.

Where do we love to use it?

The perfect backdrop for a soak in your tub, as seen in the Tallowood 52 (previously the Napier 53) display, Clyde, VIC.

Explore the Tallowood 52 (previously the Napier 53)