No Lost Socks Here: Our Top Hacks for a Functional Laundry

grid stacked marble tiling laundry design includes a sliding door for easy access at riverway 26

Face the rough and tumble of a busy week with a fresh, yet functional laundry.

No lost socks here!

For past generations, the laundry has often been an afterthought when designing or renovating a new home. Far-flung at the back of the home, it was a dark and cramped space that would leave you dreading every single load of washing.

Well, those days are well and truly gone!

Regardless of the size of the space that you’re working with, we’re ready to help you create a laundry space that feels like a slice of heaven, rather than an endless chore.

There’s two types of laundry people in this world. Those who are always on the go, so they always have a load on the go. And then those who come Sunday morning, hurriedly separate their whites from their colours and do three loads at once.

Regardless of what camp you fall into, our Gallery Consultants are here to help you maximise every inch, and every nook and cranny of your laundry space. Because, when it comes to storage space in your laundry, the less is more mantra need not apply.

Keep scrolling, as we’re taking you through all of our top tips for making the most of your new laundry...

matte black laundry splash back with neutral flooring to brighten up the space at berwick 38

Our 5 steps for creating a fresh and functional laundry

Location, Location, Location!

First and foremost, location is key.

Contemporary floor plans will often position the laundry with direct access out to the side passageway or back garden. This is crucial if you want to avoid lugging loads of dripping clothes out to the washing line, through the main, communal areas of the home.

If your laundry flows on from the garage or the front of your home, we suggest extending or adding in an extra bench seat. This creates a quick and easy mud room, where all of the school bags and muddy footy boots can live together, happily ever after.

staggered stone tiling design and wood cabinetry feature in this dromana 28 laundry

Image: Save yourself the hassle of dripping water throughout your kitchen and living, with direct access out to your backyard. As seen in our Dromana 28 (previously the Parlour 28), on display at the Anchoridge Estate, Armstrong Creek, VIC.

Set a New Benchmark

You can never have too much bench space.

Whether it’s separating your whites from your colours and blacks, or tackling stubborn stains, having plenty of bench space means that you can spread your wings and not feel like sardine in a tin.

If you’ve opted for stone benchtops in your kitchen and bathrooms, but aren’t sure if your budget will stretch to your laundry, Laminex have a large range of realistic, natural finishes at an affordable price point. So you can continue to get the authentic ‘look’ throughout your home, without blowing your budget.

Above the bench, we love to include a hanging rail, as it’s a quick and easy way to keep freshly ironed shirts exactly that, fresh. But it can also be super handy when you need to air dry any delicates on a rainy day.

coastal blue kit kat finger tiling laundry with dark warm wood cabinetry

Image: If you're always ironing work shirts and school uniforms, be sure to include a hanging rail in your new laundry. As seen in our Armidale 34 (previously the Hann 35), on display at the Cloverton Estate, Kalkallo, VIC.

You Spin Me Right Round

Appliances form a huge part of your laundry space.

At the start of your home-building journey, keep in mind if you have a top or a front loader, as this will determine if you’ll want to extend your bench space over the washing machine or not.

If you know that a dryer is on the cards, we can always look to wall mount it, or we can slot it in next to your washing machine. This will depend on the space that you’re working with, so we recommend having a chat with your Gallery Consultant as they’ll be able to go through all of your options and find the layout that will be the best fit for you.

grey stacked vertical tiling mixed with stone flooring in laundry at ironbark 37

Image: Extend your bench over your front loader to maximise space. As seen in our Ironbark 37 (previously the Stannis 38), on display at Grovedale, VIC.

Under and Over

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, have we mentioned storage?

When you’re building new, your laundry can feel like a difficult space to plan, because you’re not only taking into account all of the bits and bobs that you have now, but you’re trying to predict all of the items that you know you’ll start accumulating over the years to come. From cleaning products, to pet supplies and towels and linen, the list goes on.

Our rule of thumb is, it’s better to include more storage from the get-go, rather than being caught out later on down the track. And a combination of cupboards and overheads will keep you ahead of the game when it comes to storage.

Up top, you might want to keep your overheads as open shelving, so that you have easy access to common items like detergent and pegs. While down below, a built-in, pull-out hamper can be the perfect option for keeping dirty laundry out of sight.

light coastal grid stacked tiling in laundry with large wooden door to brighten up this tamworth 32

Image: Be prepared with plenty of laundry cupboards and overheads. As seen in our Tamworth 32 (previously the Lauriston 32), on display at the Franklin Place Estate, Traralgon, VIC.

Take Your Laundry to New Heights

Among your combination of cupboards and overheads, don’t forget about incorporating a tall cupboard into your laundry layout.

It’ll quickly become your go-to for all of those tall, clunky items - brooms, mops and ironing boards.

For ultimate convenience, include a powerpoint inside the cupboard, so that you can tuck your stick vacuum cleaner away while charging it (and prevent a few trips over the cord in the process).

neutral colours with kit kat vertical stacked tiling in laundry at dromana 28

Image: Hide all of your bulky and awkward items out of sight with a tall cupboard. As seen in our Dromana 28 (previously the Parlour 28), on display at the Lucas Estate, Lucas, VIC.