Ready to Upsize Your Home?

Your Guide to Getting into Simonds Large Home Designs & Floor Plans

Are you feeling a bit cramped in your current space? Is your family growing, or do you simply desire more room to stretch out and enjoy life? If so, it might be time to consider upsizing your home. At Simonds, we offer a range of large home designs and floorplans that can cater to your growing needs and desires.

Reasons To Upsize

  • Growing Family: One of the main reasons people choose to upsize their homes is the need for more space. If your family is expanding, you'll appreciate the extra rooms and living areas that our large home designs provide. Consider options like our 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom home designs, perfect for accommodating a growing family. Explore the possibilities and discover the comfort of spacious living.

  • Multigenerational Living: In today's world, multigenerational living is becoming increasingly common. Whether aging parents are moving in or adult children are returning home, having separate living spaces can make a big difference. Our 6-bedroom home designs offer the ideal solution, providing everyone with their own space and privacy.

  • Upgrade Your Life: Upsizing your home isn't just about more rooms; it's also about enhancing your lifestyle. Our large home designs come with premium features and extras that can transform your everyday living. From additional bathrooms and smart home technology to spacious alfresco areas for entertaining, you can upgrade your life in style.

  • Your options: Renovate, Upsize, or Knockdown & Rebuild: When considering upsizing, you might wonder if renovating your current home is the right choice. While renovations have their advantages, they often come with limitations. However, if you're attached to your current location and want a brand-new, spacious, and modern home, our Knockdown & Rebuild option might be the perfect solution. Simonds allows you to start fresh while keeping the advantages of your current address. Compare the options and decide what suits your vision best.

The Finances

  • Get a Sense of Your Current Property's Value: Understanding the value of your current property is a crucial step. It can help you determine your budget for upsizing. Simonds can assist you in assessing your property's worth, ensuring you make informed financial decisions.

  • Understand your equity for your next property purchase: Equity plays a significant role in your ability to upsize. Knowing your equity can guide you in choosing the right home and financing options. Simonds can help you navigate this aspect of the process.

  • Think about whether you’ll buy first, sell later: Deciding whether to buy your new home first or sell your existing one can impact your upsizing journey. Simonds offers valuable insights to help you make this decision.

Getting Started

If you're ready to embark on your upsizing project with Simonds, we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our large home designs cater to a variety of needs, and our team is dedicated to making your vision a reality.

Explore our large home floor plans and discover the possibilities. Whether it's a growing family, multi-generational living, or simply wanting more room to enjoy life, Simonds has the perfect home design for you.