Unlock the door to your first home in 4 simple steps

Nowra 26 facade with a coastal exterior including timber garage and wood cladding

We understand the whirlwind of excitement that comes with building your new home and we’re here to guide you through the journey, one step at a time.

Building your first home can seem like you have never ending possibilities in front of you, and it can feel a little daunting until you find your way. We understand the whirlwind of excitement that comes with building your new home and we’re here to guide you through the journey, one step at a time. Keep reading to learn how!

wood cladding feature ceiling with 3 statement pendants using bold vibrant interiors nowra 26

Step 1: Know your budget

So you're about to start the journey to build your first home, but before you open the door of home ownership you need to find the key – that key is understanding your budget. It’s like having a map that helps you navigate the labyrinth of choices involved with home building. Knowing how much you can spend will help you prioritise what are your must haves compared to nice to haves. With a clear budget, you can make informed choices and design a home that’s not just beautiful but also financially comfortable in the long run.

Speaking to a mortgage broker can help you determine your borrowing capacity and uncover government incentives like the First Home Owners Grant that can help you get into your new home sooner. We partner with several trusted financial providers that can give you the boost you need to begin the home build journey with clarity and peace of mind.

abstract artwork room exudes a contemporary, cosy, and inviting ambiance at this akuna 29 in willow

Step 2: Choose your dream neighbourhood

Now that you’ve decided to build your new home, you need to decide where. When considering where you want your new neighbourhood to be, think about the local amenities you need close by. New estates are often master-planned with community facilities like communal BBQ and picnic areas, running tracks, and playgrounds. Think about the local infrastructure - will you be easily connected to key arterial roads, are there hospitals and schools closeby? These factors will also benefit you in the long run when you may consider reselling.

Not sure where to move? We’ve partnered with leading developers across Victoria, Queensland and South Australia to offer you tailored house and land packages that are personalised to you.

quality house design that is still within your budget creating features like wood cladding and floor to ceiling curtains can accentuate the space at the akuna 29

Step 3: Choose your new home design

Now that you’ve decided on your new neighbourhood, we can discuss your new home design and layout. This is the real fun part!

Browsing floorplans online will give you a sense of the overall layout that you prefer and we’re equipped with virtual tours to help give you an even better visualisation of your new home. Think about how you like to use your home currently and what you wish was different. This is your chance to completely redesign from scratch!

To help you make your decision, we recommend visiting a display home near you to experience the quality of our homes in real life. Our New Home Specialists at each display are here to help you through the home building journey, and can highlight key characteristics for your new home design that you may not have considered before.

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Step 4: Speak with a New Home Specialist

You’ve done the research, you’ve spoken to the professionals, you’ve done all the hard work. Now it’s time to sit down with our New Home Specialists to make it official. This is where all of your preparations and dreams come together like a jigsaw. Our New Home Specialist will dot the i’s and cross the t’s to sign off on your new home, passing your file to the office to continue through the process.

Your first home is closer than you think, and we can help you get there! Enquire today to take the leap towards home ownership.

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