The Haymes Paint Trending Colour Forecast

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Colours to keep an eye on

Over the last two years, we’ve learnt the importance of slowing down and reflecting on the way we live, work and relax in our homes. And a big part of this is surrounding ourselves with spaces within the home that celebrate our unique style.

Paint colour is such a personal choice; one that not only reflects your individual taste, but one that can also boost mood and wellbeing, and evoke memories of time and place. And when making the big decision, you want to be able to go with your heart by picking hues that you connect with, while also knowing you’ve picked colours that are as on-trend as they are timeless.

With many choices at your fingertips, it’s handy having those in the know on stand-by to point you in the right direction. After months of research, drawing on the colours, textures and landscapes from places far and wide as well as those closer to home, the experts at Haymes Paint have curated this season’s colours to take note of, saving you from the hassle of navigating aisles and aisles of colour swatches and sample pots in the process.

Let’s take a look at volume 15 of their Trending Colour Forecast…

Trending Haymes Paint Colours

Game Changer

As the name suggests, the Game Changer palette is strong, vibrant and unapologetic in its sense of playfulness. Bold colours are paired alongside lighter, softer hues that evoke a sugary and summery feel, lending itself to all spaces within the home (depending on how adventurous you are!).

Game Changer allows you to unleash your creative side and works well when layered together for unexpected colour blocking or when paired with neutrals displaying a slightly grey undertone. We love to elevate the palette by styling the colours against gloss or concrete finishes!

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Creative paint colour design

In the Moment

In the Moment draws on the natural elements found in the Australian coastal and outback landscapes to create a warm and inviting space where rich and earthy tones are celebrated.

Perfect for creating a cosy feel, we love to see In the Moment featured in bedrooms or living areas, alongside warmer wood tones, textured rugs and natural materials like linen.

Explore in the moment.

Flatlay details: Haymes Paint Cockatoo from the In the Moment palette and Pale Mushroom 2, with Caesarstone ‘Frosty Carina’ and ‘Arabetto’, Laminex ‘Natural Walnut’, ‘Chamois’, ‘Sarsen Grey’, ‘Black Birchply', Perfect Timber Floors Engineered Timber ‘Randers’, Carpet Call ‘Matai Bay Lone Rock’, National Tiles ‘Masia Blanco' and ‘Japanese Impressions Denim Sticks Mosaic’, Austral Bricks 'Sculptured Sands Range in ‘Quartz’, COLORBOND steel ‘Gully’ and ‘Dune’, Kethy Handles ‘Radio Knob – Black and Brass’ and ‘Norton Hampton Shaker Antique Brass Matt’.


Designed to invigorate and awaken, the Clearview palette helps us to relax, realign and disconnect from our busy day-to-day lives. It can be featured throughout all areas of the home, but is especially suited to the kitchen, living or dining as the natural hues blur the lines between the indoors with the world outside.

Pair with coloured cabinetry, darker flooring or even the lighter look of beechwood to bring out the most of the palette. Contrast the silvery and forest greens alongside each other, or tie it altogether with fresh whites and lots of indoor plants.

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Flatlay Details: Haymes Paint Gumleaf Green from the Clearview palette and Minimalist 2 and Powdered Bark Stain, Laminex 'Natural Walnut' 'Alpine Mist' and featured is the Laminex Surround Scallop 22.5, Caesarstone 'Calacatta Nuovo' and 'Organic White', National Tiles 'Playdrops Multi White', 'Pietra di Ostuni' and 'Pottery Graphite', Kethy Handles 'Lawley Hampton Handle in Rustic Brass finish', Carpet Call 'Lyneham Rotunda Stone', Perfect Timber Floors 'Sevilla', Austral Bricks 'Overland Pristine Tarkine' and COLORBOND steel 'Surfmist' and 'Wallaby'.

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