The Benefits of our Fixed Price Guarantee

After 75 years as a leader in the building industry, our team of experienced and dedicated professionals know what home owners deserve. It’s one of the reasons why we offer a Fixed Price Guarantee, along with our industry-leading Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

But what does our Fixed Price Guarantee mean for you? Keep reading or reach out to our friendly team to learn more.

How does a fixed price guarantee benefit you?

As one of, if not the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make, it’s no surprise that you want greater assurances when it comes to building your new home.

You want to know that your new home will be built to last, packed full of quality materials, features and fittings, ready to withstand generation after generation.

You want to be able to rely on the team of New Home Specialists, Gallery Consultants and Site Supervisors who will be tasked with bringing your unique vision to life.

Most of all, you want to make sure that everything goes to plan, and you aren’t met with any unwelcome surprises or nasty shocks along the way.

Which is why at Simonds, we offer a Fixed Price Guarantee, meaning the price you pay on your final contract is the price you pay. You won’t be left scrambling for extra funds or stretching your borrowing capacity at the last minute.

Customers in their new Simonds home

For many first home buyers, their building contract might be the first contract they’ve signed beyond a rental or employment agreement, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed among all of the industry terminology and pages of small details.

Along with our New Home Specialists and Contract Presenters walking you through the ins and outs during your tender and contract stages, you can breathe easy with our Fixed Price Guarantee and get ultimate peace of mind on the cost of your future home.

Customers in their new Simonds home

We know that peace of mind is important. Our Fixed Price Guarantee means that during the course of your build, you won't be left out of pocket.

With Simonds, you can rest easier knowing we've been a big player in this game for a long time and we’ve weathered many storms. It’s this solid foundation that keeps us moving forward and delivering dream homes to hundreds of Australians each month.

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As a part of our Fixed Price Guarantee, you’ll also have a clear idea of what site costs you’ll be paying from the very start of your home building journey.

Site costs relate to the extent of works needed to get your land prepared for building to start. This will include excavation works, like cut and fill, which form a level foundation for the concrete slab. Other works could include any slab upgrades that are required, such as piers, screw piles or deepened edge beams, which ensure ongoing structural integrity based on the existing land requirements.

To protect you against any unforeseen circumstances, we offer Fixed Site Costs across our home designs. Based on engineering reports and information from the land developer, we’ll provide you with an upfront idea of your site costs and lock in your price. So if the unexpected happens, and we uncover lets say, underground rock or boulders later on down the track, they won’t put an expensive spanner in the works.

Our team can help you take the first step towards locking in your fixed price guarantee. Reach out today to receive an obligation free quote!

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