Transform your Master Bedroom into the perfect escape with this simple feature.

Whether it’s opting for a master-to-rear flip structural option, or kitting out your walk-in robe with all of the extra bells and whistles, there’s so many ways that you can inject your own personal flair into your bedroom space.
You spend about a third of your life in bed, so make your bedroom the perfect escape for you.

When designing your dream master bedroom retreat, there’s a lot of decisions to navigate, both big and small. From a range of classic layouts that you can’t go wrong with, to heavenly master suites that ooze resort living and make you feel like you’re holidaying at home, we have a range of master bedroom options to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

One feature that we can’t go past is eye-catching panelling in your master bedroom. When building with Simonds, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a wide range of panelling profiles from James Hardie and Laminex, so there’s endless opportunities for you to let your personality shine through.

If wainscoting sounds like a foreign language to you, keep scrolling to find out why it’s one of the most sought-after features in modern homes...

Create character and charm with panelling in your master bedroom

When you first think of panelling or cladding, you’re probably instilled with a sense of nostalgia for the classic Australian weatherboard homes that are scattered throughout neighbourhoods from the country to the coast. The way we see it, there’s no reason why hints of this rustic charm can’t continue inside the home.

Say hello to internal panelling or wainscoting, an easy but effective way to put your personal stamp on your master bedroom. And trust us, you won’t want to stop there. One of the best things about panelling is that it adds character and charm to any modern home. So whether you’re striving for a relaxed coastal or cosy cottage look, you’re able to achieve that coveted homely feel, without having to put up with all of the pesky problems that arise in older homes. Depending on the size of your space and the type of panelling, a little investment can have a huge impact on the feel of your new home. Did we mention that it’s able to work in all of our home designs?

master bedroom with window nook and arched ceiling that flows in the natural light

Image: Feel right at home in the spacious and airy master bedroom on display in the Maryvale 33, at the Waterford Rise Estate, Warragul, VIC.

Featuring panelling behind your bedhead not only creates texture and shadowplay, but it also forms the perfect base for even more thoughtful design choices. Panelled walls can be the perfect backdrop for oversized artwork, mood-boosting greenery and drop ball pendant lights, which effortlessly infuse a warm ambience and stop bedside clutter in its tracks. Another bonus? Who needs a bedhead when you can let your panelled feature wall do the talking.

If we’ve inspired you enough to put your own unique stamp on your master bedroom, here are some top panelling ideas that we think you should keep your eye on.

adding feature wall cladding to your master bedroom

Image: Sleep soundly with cosy panelling and fresh interiors, as seen in the Dromana 28 (previously the Parlour 28), on display at the Lucas Estate, Lucas, VIC.

Introducing Surround by Laminex, a new range of decorative wall linings, crafted and made in Australia. We think of Surround by Laminex as a bit of a chameleon, as these textural panels will elevate your home in any colour and adapt to a wide range of design trends.

Our Gallery Consultants have fallen head over heels for the Scallop design profile, but they’re also predicting that Batten will quickly become a crowd favourite. If you always find yourself gravitating towards calming coastal finishes, you’ll want to try the Batten in a soothing white or breezy grey to give a nod to the long adored shiplap look.

decorative wall panelling for master bedroom

Image: Be ahead of the crowd with a Surround by Laminex feature wall. Perfect for a range of spaces in the home including your living room, hallway, study nook, bedrooms or even your mudroom. You can create a statement with bolder hues or create a timeless look with neutral tones to let the textured profile do the talking.

If you’re just like us and you can’t go past the endless summer feel of Hamptons and coastal trends, chances are, you’ve also already come across vertical joint (VJ) panelling. Our customers love the 1200mm dado height with capping, but if your budget allows, take it to the full height of the ceiling for a breathtaking impact. Not only does it add warmth and comfort behind the bedhead, but it’s also super hard-wearing and acts as a great protective barrier between the plaster and mischievous kids.

It’s common to colour match your VJ panelling to your skirtings and architraves and we’d pick Greyology 1 from Haymes Paint in a heartbeat. But for those feeling a bit more adventurous, choosing a feature colour is a great way to add your own personal touch to your master bedroom.

beige coloured feature wall panelling for master bedroom

Image: Lean into summer with VJ panelling in Pale Mushroom 5 from Haymes Paint, feature artwork and timber accents, as seen in our Armidale 34 (previously the Hann 35), on display at the Minta Farm Estate, Berwick, VIC.

For those ready to make an even bolder impact, check out our Tallowood 52 (previously the Napier 53) on display in Aintree for our full height, feature wainscoting in deep bronze green. Natural green hues are perfect for creating a moody and cosy atmosphere while simultaneously connecting the bedroom space back to nature, keeping you grounded and invigorated as the sun rises and sets.

When the time comes, think beyond the bedroom as well. As we’re spending more time in the home, it’s easy to see why homeowners are wanting to incorporate subtle, natural shades of colour throughout their living spaces, especially in their joinery. Opting for a panelled feature wall in a similar shade in the dining space, as a TV backdrop or in your entryway is a creative way to continue the calming flow and tease what’s to come throughout the rest of the home.

moody dark colours for master bedroom panelling

Image: Connect back to nature with moody greens, as seen in our Tallowood 52 (previously the Napier 53) on display at the Woodlea Estate, Aintree, VIC.

Explore the rich and moody greens of our Napier 53, on display at the Woodlea Estate, Aintree VIC.