Selling Soon? Tips for Getting Your Home Auction Ready

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If you’ve been following along with all of our blogs, you have countless tips and tricks to design a home that’ll see maximum return when it’s time to put it on the market. Because at Simonds, we know that when you’re building, you’re not necessarily creating your forever home.

Adding resale value to your new home

At Simonds, we understand that when you’re building, you might not always be designing your forever home. For many, especially first home buyers, building is the perfect opportunity for them to get their foot in the door. Putting years of hard work and hard-earned savings into building equity and kick-starting a long-term plan to get into their own dream home.

If you fall into this camp, you’ll want to make smart decisions right at the beginning of your home-building journey that'll boost your home’s future resale or rental potential. This means selecting features, finishes and fittings in your home that you know will bring you joy over the coming years, while making sure that these selections will resonate with a wide range of prospective buyers or tenants.

At the end of the day, it’s important to think strategically so that you can understand how to optimise your home’s long-term value and appeal to buyers and their interests.

To help you best prepare for that future auction day, we’re taking you through our quick and easy tips for ensuring that you’re maximising your new home’s resale or rental potential.

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Our top 3 ways of future-proofing your new Simonds home for prospective buyers and tenants

Whether you’re building with plans to sell or rent your home in the future, you’ll want to ensure that your new Simonds home can withstand the latest design trends and stand-out among other property listings. To put yourself in a good position moving forward, there’s a couple of points to consider when you’re at the initial planning stages and wanting to create wide appeal.

First off, a few things are a given when you build with Simonds. Open plan living, with a communal hub that effortlessly flows between spaces for relaxation and entertaining. Plenty of storage space, with walk-in robes, linen cupboards and walk-in pantries. As well as areas that take advantage of natural light and make the most of indoor-outdoor living.

Our local New Home Specialists also live and breathe the areas that we build in, so they’re attuned to what buyers and tenants are looking for in a home. And our interior design qualified Gallery Consultants are at the ready to create timeless, yet contemporary spaces that will be adored by buyers from all generations.

Keep reading for our top ways to maximise your home’s future resale or rental potential.

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1. Think About Your Location From All Angles

Location is a big buzzword when it comes to buying or building a home.

When building a home with resale or rental potential in mind, you’ll want to ensure that it ticks all of the right boxes in terms of location and convenience. That is, it has close proximity to schools, transport and shopping, as well as easy access to big lifestyle drawcards, such as parks and sporting facilities.

Even more so, you’ll want to ensure that your new home has all of the necessities that buyers in your specific region look for when entering the property market.

At Simonds, we take all of this initial legwork out of the equation for you. Right from the beginning, our New Home Specialists look at the orientation of your block, in order to maximise your home’s positioning for natural light and energy savings. This will differ depending on the location of your build, and it could mean placing living areas facing the north-east to avoid the harsh western sun felt in Queensland, or embracing the northern light in Victoria for ultimate comfort, all year round.

We’ll also take care of you with our range of standard inclusions, which are chosen to suit home owners from different areas. If you’re building in the Sunshine State for example, features such as ceiling fans come as standard to bedrooms and the alfresco, as we know that these are essential for keeping the whole household comfortable through the stifling heat and the humidity.

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2. Create an Appealing Face of Your Home

When building your forever home, all of your decisions can be based around features and fixtures that you love, even if that means that they’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

You get to personalise your home to your heart’s content and make selections that speak to you and your unique personality. When it comes to street appeal, you get to put your best foot forward and design a facade that you look forward to coming home to each night.

But if you know that you’ll be looking to sell in the future, you’ll want to strike the right balance between elevating your home’s street presence, while still ensuring that your facade suits the tastes and preferences of today’s buyers. In this case, sticking to a more classic and conservative facade will be the way to go.

After all, your facade is the first impression that buyers receive when they’re scrolling through listings and going to open homes, so you want to make sure you’re able to cast your net far and wide. At the end of the day, you want to create a facade that allows buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

Creating a home with wide appeal will extend to decisions post-handover as well. While you might consider yourself as a bit of a green thumb, having a high-maintenance garden can be a turn-off for potential buyers, or a greater hassle if you’re looking to rent the home to tenants later on down the track. Keep things simple, and the buyers will come knocking.

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3. Be Smart About Your Upgrades

When building on a budget with plans to sell or rent later on down the track, it pays to be smart about your upgrades right from the beginning.

We always recommend focusing your funds and attention to value-adding areas or features of the home that will either be near impossible, a big hassle or very costly to fit-out if you want to do so in the future.

Buyers will always love airy, open spaces, so you’ll never regret directing your attention to raising your ceiling height to 2590mm or even 2740mm, to create wide appeal and comfortable areas. While features such as ducted cooling and heating can be a big hassle to fit-out retrospectively, especially if you have a double-storey, so investing right from the start is a practical decision.

Of course, when you’re building your forever space, you can look to personalise every inch and every nook and cranny of the home. But if you find yourself working towards more of a budget, then investing in timeless, yet practical upgrades from the outset will put you in a good position when it comes to selling or renting in the future.