Toddlers to Teenagers: Styling a Timeless Kids Bedroom

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We don’t kid around when it comes to creating tranquil and timeless sleeping sanctuaries for your little (or not so little) ones.

Creating a bedroom that your child will love for the years to come

Children’s bedrooms can be a bit of a tricky room to navigate, as you’re trying to perfect the balance between a space that’s playful but calming, and timeless but age appropriate.

Unfortunately, that bright, cartoon-themed wallpaper that you loved when your little one was a toddler, doesn’t seem to translate into their tween years and beyond.

Plus nowadays, young Australians are continuing to live at home longer than ever before. So, it looks as though the room you envisioned to take your toddler into their teenage years, might need to accommodate a twenty-something kidult as well.

Keep reading for our top tips to create a timeless children’s bedroom, fit for your toddler, tween or teenager…

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How to create a fun and dreamy children's bedroom

Lounging Back in a Banquette

If you’re looking to dial up the cosiness in your child’s bedroom, then start considering a plush banquette, similar to what you probably know as a window daybed.

They’re a great feature for children or teenagers of any age, providing them with a snuggly retreat perfect for story time, stargazing or watching Netflix.

Truth be told, we also love this feature in a master bedroom. It really brings a sense of warmth and rustic character to your room, taking you through cosy nights and sunlit mornings. Plus, a banquette makes the most of what can sometimes be an under-utilised space!

master bedroom with window nook and arched ceiling that flows in the natural light

From Toddlers to Teenagers

One of the biggest tips for designing and styling a new bedroom for your child is keeping longevity in mind. This means ditching the Thomas the Tank Engine wallpaper and opting for a more neutral base to build on over the years with fun styling choices.

For a paint colour that transitions through the ages, a mid-tone neutral colour that feels like a continuation from the rest of the home is the way to go. Sticking to warm tones that are gender and age neutral have you well prepared for the years ahead, especially if you know that your child is always discovering new likes and dislikes. We can’t go past the timeless Classic Grey 5 or Pulp White 5 from Haymes Paint. If you’re after a hint of colour, their Unearthed Colour Range expertly fuses washed pastels with the traditional neutrals that we all know and love, alongside key bolder and richer tones that can be used for accents. Creating a soft and dreamy canvas to suit any style of bedroom throughout the years.

Children's bedroom with a walk in robe that has neutral walls to use rich vibrant interiors

To survive the years of grubby fingers and everyday marks on walls, Haymes Elite Low-Sheen Interior is our no-brainer choice of finish as it’s easily washable, as well as durable. For that little bit extra, we also recommend their Ultra-Premium Expressions Low-Sheen, which gives you an added helping hand for when young children are in the home. Both products have a Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) content, so it’s a better choice for your children and the environment. All in all, a big yes from us

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Most importantly, opting for an age neutral colour gives you the freedom to personalise the bedroom space with styling choices and create a room that evolves with your child. If you’re a soon to be parent, a playful, textured rug adds a pop of colour, while still being super handy for when you introduce your little one to floor time. Go one step further and complement your nursery with Australiana prints of koalas, wombats and cockatoos. They’ll look right at home next to bookshelves of Australian story time classics like Possum Magic and Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!

As your little one continues to grow, you can pair the neutral base of the room with playful patterns and colours found in interchangeable items, such as linen and throws. We also love to get creative with a mix-match of pillows in different shapes and textures to complete the look. For creating a magical sanctuary, a sunset or a galaxy lamp that projects a warm, sun-kissed glow or a starry night sky onto your walls, are both great ways to transport your child to another world, without making any big, permanent changes to the room.

a rustic charm for a baby room creates a warm and inviting touch of modern interior