What happens before your knockdown rebuild goes to site

At Simonds, we believe in thorough planning to ensure your building journey is smooth from start to finish. Before your dream home build begins, there's a few items to tick off, such as council permits, tree removal and water meter protection. These can be hard to wrap your head around, so we'll guide you through each aspect along the way.

Keep reading to learn what to expect leading up to your knockdown rebuild or reach out to our Knockdown Rebuild Specialists to find out more.

Site Assessment:

Our experts will visit your block of land to assess various factors crucial for construction. This includes evaluating site accessibility, checking the fall across the block, identifying the location of trees and overhead power lines, and considering traffic management. We also examine neighboring properties to anticipate any potential impacts on your new home's proposed orientation. The buildability of your site is confirmed through a Soil and Survey assessment.

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At Simonds, we're committed to providing comprehensive support at every step of your building journey. With our expertise and guidance, you can trust that your dream home will become a reality.

Demolition Asset Protection Permit and Demolition Permit:

Before any demolition work begins, you'll need to obtain an Asset Protection Permit from the council. This permit covers potential damage to existing council infrastructure like footpaths, nature strips, and driveway crossovers. Additionally, your demolition contractor will apply for a Demolition Permit from the council, which may take up to 28 days to issue. If asbestos is present in your existing dwelling or on the site, proper removal and certification are required before construction starts.

Established and Temporary Fencing:

Existing side and back fencing may need to be removed for access reasons, and temporary fencing will be installed during the demolition phase. We'll coordinate with your demolition contractor to ensure a smooth transition, and temporary fencing will be provided throughout the construction of your new home.

Water Meter Protection:

To avoid damage during demolition, it's essential to protect your water meter, as replacement costs can be significant. We recommend discussing protective measures with your demolition contractor beforehand.

Tree Removal:

If there's a vegetation overlay on your block, permits may be necessary for tree removal. At your tender appointment, we'll provide a demolition plan outlining structures to be removed, including any trees. Depending on council requirements, you may need an arborist report for permit applications.

Disconnection of Services:

Before demolition, ensure all existing services like gas, electricity, sewer, and stormwater drains are disconnected by registered professionals.