Lambda 1614


5142 Aurora Estate, Epping, Victoria, 3076 (Aurora Estate)

Block Size: 310.00m2



We pride ourselves on providing true fixed price packages with all the must haves included in our Precinct range, so you receive more of the features you want in a convenient package solution?just turn the key, and you?re home.

Lambda floorplan


Lambda 1614

At a glance

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Min block width: 14.00m


House area: 150.17m2
House width: 12.59m
House depth: 13.56m

Lambda belongs to the Precinct range

Precinct provides quality, affordable turnkey solutions on green field estates across Victoria. The range offers true fixed price packages with all the must-haves included, making it easier for you to purchase a packaged solution that fits your budget.

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