Gatwick 309


1013 Lilium Estate, Clyde, Victoria, 3978 (Lilium Estate)

Block Size: 448.00m2



This distinguished four-bedroom home is just waiting to be filled with the happy sounds of a large family. With ample space for kids to be kids and grown-ups to enjoy a quiet moment, it includes a butler's pantry, a library and an extensive open-plan kitchen and dining area.${Drip1}

Gatwick floorplan


Gatwick 309

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House area: 308.56m2
House width: 11.15m
House depth: 17.99m

Gatwick belongs to the Fusion range

With a choice of frontage and a sleek, refined style, the Fusion range allows you to personalise your home with upgraded floor plans. Whether you want an additional bedroom, a larger ensuite or a butler’s pantry, there’s an option for you.

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