Wellness Community

To support our move to wellness, Simonds Homes is creating a wellness community that you can be part of.

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At Simonds Homes, we are proud to be leading a movement to wellness because we believe that living a healthier and happier life begins at home. So we are designing homes that actively fuse health, nature and science to promote wellness in a simple, yet revolutionary way.

That’s why we’re creating a community for people to discuss wellness, share stories, articles and local wellness activities. And everyone is welcome to join.

Activities Near You

As part of this community, we will send you email updates on activities across the Simonds Homes Display centres network. These wellness events will include workshops on healthy eating, exercise, hearts, minds and more.

We also invite you to share information about well activities being run by others in local areas and we will share these activities with the broader wellness community.

The Simonds Homes Commitment to Community

At Simonds Homes, we have been building homes since 1949. We have been continually seeking new ways to build better homes for Australians. By joining our online community, you will become part of the network of information we will be listening to, to help us continually keep improving what we do. And we appreciate feedback.

We also believe in families and community, so why not join the movement.

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