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Work with our award-winning interior designers and home technology consultants to create a beautiful home.

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Here you’ll be inspired by all the products, finishes and colours that will make your new home uniquely yours. You’re invited to make the most of this opportunity, and create a family home every bit as special as you imagined.

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Take an in-depth look at your local Gallery by Simonds. Be inspired before you visit.

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We understand that everyone's different, and depending how much research you've done, you may need more or less time at Simonds Gallery. Learn more about what happens at a Gallery appointment, so you'll be ready to start selecting your colours, tiles and electrical options.


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Knowing the style you like will help you make the right choices to create your dream home. We've put together some style advice and inspiration to help you set your design direction.


Product Information

Learn more about our range of products so you can create a home that suits your vision, your lifestyle and your budget. Our expert interior design consultants will be there to guide you, showing you a range of options and answering any questions you may have at your Gallery appointment.



Our Gallery showcases fully built kitchens and bathrooms, and offers an extensive collection of bricks, flooring, roofing and paint colours. Find a Simonds Gallery near you.


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Whether you’re ready to build your dream home, already building or just have a few questions, we're here to help.

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