This timeless style perfectly balances rich textures and ornate details against symmetry, balance and order.

A classic style mixes strong balances of texture, colour and pattern, with timeless furniture and antiques. It’s one you can slowly build on as the years go by in your new home. A classically driven look stands the test of time.

Style tips:

  • Classic is all in the details – skirtings and architraves, deep ornate cornices and room symmetry.
  • In living areas the use of oversized table lamps and pendant lighting feature heavily.
  • Layer delicate furniture with feminine lines, tapered legs and a neutral palette with throws and ample cushions featuring texture, pattern and soft colours.
  • French Oak timber floors, parquetry and large format, natural format tiles are all great options for the main flooring.
  • Walls are to be fresh in white or a soft contrast grey and use feature wall sconces in the entry passages and above feature mirrors in bathrooms.
  • Be sure to keep the same finish on your cabinetry handles as your door hardware and furniture detail.

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