Interior maintenance

Everything you need to know to take care of your new home's interior.



Over time, carpet can stretch and ripples or high spots may develop. This may cause areas to become more worn than the rest of your carpet. If this occurs, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty.

Timber floors

Our warranty doesn't cover damage to floorboards or skirting boards caused by water or incorrect maintenance. So make sure you clean up any spills or leaks quickly and thoroughly so the water doesn't cause expansion and damage.

Walls, ceilings and cornices


It is normal to notice hairline cracks in your walls, cornices, skirtings and architraves over time. They can be caused by changes in weather or your home's heating and cooling. Some cracks may appear and then close up, but if you notice any major cracks, please contact us.

Paint care

Our warranty doesn’t cover any wear and tear to painted surfaces after you move in.

Paint aftercare tips

Wet areas


Condensation is most common in bathrooms and laundries and occurs from changes in air temperature. If steam is not properly extracted, it can cause mould to develop, so you should always use your exhaust fan in these spaces.


Doors in wet areas may swell, causing them to stick and sometimes stiffen. If this happens, make sure you report it on your maintenance inspection form.


Our warranty doesn't cover leaking taps, tap adjustments or new tap washers.

Sinks and basins

Our warranty doesn't cover damage to drains that haven't been properly cleaned. Be sure to regularly clean any hair or bathroom products from your bathroom basin and shower drains - they are designed for water only. Also make sure food scraps are collected and removed from the kitchen sink to prevent blockage.


To prevent your sewage system blocking, please don't flush items like baby wipes, cotton wool balls, newspaper, sanitary items and similar waste products down the toilet.

Floor and wall tiles

Tile and grout care

Grout can discolour and crack over time. It's normal but if left untreated can cause damage that our warranty doesn't cover. Check and maintain your grout regularly, and reapply when cracks appear.

Silicone care

It is your responsibility to maintain the silicone seals in your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry, and reapply as necessary.

Windows and sliding doors

Window and sliding door care

Make sure you clean the tracks of all your windows and sliding doors. All are a little different so if your windows or sliding doors become ‘sticky’ and don’t slide easily, refer to the manufacturer's guide.

Window coverings

Any window or door coverings you install need to be attached to a wall, window or door frame.

They should never be attached to the architrave. Our warranty doesn't cover damage caused by inappropriate use of the architraves.


Appliance care

Our warranty covers the initial installation of your appliances. If you experience any subsequent problems, you’ll need to report them directly to the manufacturer.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms should not be tampered with or covered over. You should regularly check your smoke alarm and replace the batteries annually.


Stone benchtops

Stone benchtops are extremely durable however misuse may void the manufacturer's warranty. Never stand on your stone benchtop, or place hot objects directly onto the surface.

Laminate benchtops

Your laminate benchtops can swell if water is left sitting on the joins so be sure you clean up all spills quickly and thoroughly, especially around the sink. Don't place hot objects directly on the laminate, as the it can cause lifts in the surface.


If you find any of your cabinetry doors or shelves need adjusting, report this on your maintenance inspection form. We can ease or adjust doors, windows, cabinetry, latches and fasteners as necessary, as long as its within your maintenance period.

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