On-site phase

Simonds is here to guide you through the on-site build. Watch your dream home come to life from foundations through to fit-off.

What to expect

Once on-site, the paperwork begins to pay off as you start to see your home take shape. While building your new dream home, your contact point will be one of our dedicated friendly Customer Relationship Coordinators (CRC).

Here's what to expect from the on-site phase of your build.

Base stage

Just as the name suggests, this is when your home's foundations are laid.

Your block of land will be prepared for building and we'll install temporary fencing, excavate the site and lay underground connections, before pouring your concrete slab.

Frame stage

Your walls are marked out and work on your windows, door frames and roof trusses begins – giving your new home its actual shell.

Lock-up stage

This is the stage where you can actually begin to 'lock up' your home, as your windows, doors and any remaining walls and insulation are installed.

It's now ready for electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople to start fitting out property.

Fixing stage

Your home is almost complete. Here we make sure everything has been fitted correctly and fix things like skirts and cabinets into position.

Fit-off stage

Now, your home really starts to look like yours as your colour selections come to life. Your chosen tiles, mirrors, fitting and fixtures are installed, and electrical connections are made. That means it's almost time to move in!

Throughout the entire build our Site Manager was fantastic at keeping us up to date with the stages as our house build progressed. He was always very easy to approach when we had questions, concerns or wanted to be taken through our house to see the progress.

Haydn, 2018

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What happens next?

It's time to organise your final documentation and warranty, and pick up the keys to your new home.