Outdoors Indoors South Australia

The Simond's South Australian Journey

Simonds Homes has teamed up with the South Australian program Outdoors Indoors to give viewers a valuable insight into the house building journey. Outdoors Indoors is a South Australian home and lifestyle program that airs on Channel 9 every Sunday at 4.30pm. A 20-week campaign will follow the building process step by step- from the display home sales centre, into our gallery, on-site and then the finished home.

Episode 1: Simonds Homes

This episode will take us to the display homes where the journey with Simonds Homes begins. Between choosing a design, façade, land and finishings, there is a lot to think about. One of our experienced Building Consultant will make sure you are making the right decisions.

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Episode 2: Blocks of Land

The next step towards building your dream home is finding your dream location. For some this might be a matter of knock down rebuild, but more and more people are choosing to live in new land developments like Blakes Crossing by Lendlease. Find out why in Episode 2.

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Episode 3: Finance for Building

A new home build isn’t possible without the right finance behind it. In this episode we sit down with an independent mortgage broker who explains why it is important to get your construction loan right.

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Episode 4: Simonds Gallery

In episode 4 we explore the Simonds Gallery in South Australia. We’ve created a place that takes the hassle out of making selections for your new home by showcasing all of our products under one roof.

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Episode 5: Haymes Paint

There are a lot of choices available when choosing colours for your home, and one of the biggest choices is paint colour. Jo from Haymes Paint explains how different colours create a different feeling in your home and what you can do to get this selection right.

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Episode 6: Fixed Price Contracts

In this episode we meet some more important people in your journey with Simonds Homes- your Customer Relationship Coordinator and your Building Supervisor. Both of these people will look after your new home build between council, contract and on site.

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Episode 7: Family Homes

It is often easy to forget how exciting the building journey is for the kids in the family- after all it is their home too. On this episode we find out what the kids think is important for their new Simonds home.

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Episode 8: Concrete Slab

On this episode we are ready to start building. First up is laying the foundations and pouring the slab. Our Building Supervisor John explains the process as we get to see the home take shape from the ground up.

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Episode 9: Roof Tiles

The frame and roof are up on site and we get to see our Simonds Home turning from a plan on paper to a physical house in front of us. We meet up with Laura from Monier who explains why it is so important to get your roof right.

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Episode 10: Bricks

Every week more and more is happening on site, both inside and outside. John our Building Supervisor takes us through the construction site to see what has been going on.

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Episode 11: Lock Up

On this episode we see an exciting milestone for the construction process, lock up. Our Building Supervision John explains exactly what that entails.

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Episode 12: Kitchens

For many families the kitchen is the heart of the home so choosing the right finishes for the kitchen is essential. On this episode, we visit the new Caesarstone showroom in South Australia to explore the possibilities in kitchen styling and design.

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Episode 13: Tiles

In this episode we visit the construction site to see what progress has been made. Tiling has started in the wet areas and we find out what other ways we can use tiles in our new home.

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Episode 14: Bathrooms

Nowadays, there are so many options for bathrooms it is hard to know where to start. We visit the Caroma Flagship in Norwood and find out the clever way to plan and create your bathroom.

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Episode 15: Flooring

In this episode we take a look at the many flooring options available for new homes from Carpet Call. Between laminates, engineered timber, luxury vinyl, natural and synthetic carpets, there is something to suit every lifestyle.

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Episode 16: Garage Door

We visit the construction site to see what has happened since last time and meet up with B&D Doors to discuss the importance of security and street appeal when it comes to your garage door.

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Episode 17: Home Quality

Our new Simonds home is almost ready for hand over. Before that can happen, there are some checks and balances that need to be satisfied to ensure the home meets our high standards.

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Episode 18: New Home

It’s finally time to receive the keys to the new Simonds home. We speak to our Customer Relationship Coordinator Josh who makes sure that we walk away with all the information we need to look after our home.

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Episode 19: Building Review

In this episode we meet Ron and Gil who have recently moved into their new Simonds home. Since then they’ve settled in and added some personal touches. We check in with them to find out about their home building journey with Simonds.

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Episode 20: Customer Experience

We catch up with two very different types of customers, one investor build and one family dream home build, who share their experience with Simonds.

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